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Dr.-Ing. Christoph Müller
52062 Aachen-Germany
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Welcome to hc-solar!

You are interested in reducing energy costs, selling energy, improving your security of supply and doing something beneficial for the environment? Then you have probably found the right webpage!

Together with Simply Solar our aim is to provide high quality engineering, consulting, training and R&D services in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency. We offer tailor made energy supply solutions for a vast range of applications. Our focus lies on solar thermal, photovoltaic and biomass energy supply including thermal and electrical energy storage.

Our integral Engineering Services cover a wide range of subjects for successful project as well as product developments:
    • Energy supply analysis and design (photovoltaic as well as low- and high-temperature solar thermal supply solutions)
    • Thermodynamic problem solving (CFD simulations and FEA)
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electronic product design (circuit design, board layout, microcontroller and FPGA programming, production)
    • PC and Android programming
    • Data acquisition and monitoring solutions
    • Analysis and quality control of thermal and PV systems

One of our specialities is local manufacturing - globally -  because we believe in sharing knowledge and creating local jobs. As a team we have been working together at Simply Solar for 20 years, sharing the experiences each one of us made in his/her own work in the past decades. Projects worldwide have benefited from this cooperation ranging from:

This website shows projects implemented by Christoph Müller in cooperation with different organisations during the past 20 years. Please also visit our Simply Solar website for further project examples.

We are looking forward to your contact request and to discuss your project idea!

Christoph Müller and the Simply Solar Team


Dr.-Ing. C. Müller
Martin-Luther-Str. 12
52062 Aachen, Germany
Phone: 0049 241 400 891 86
E-Mail: chris@hc-solar.de

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